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Original Medical Emergency Triage Tag - MET TAG
Model Number: MT-137    Dixie Item Number: 465001
Original Medical Emergency Triage Tag - MET TAG
Price: $0.95 Quantity:  

In the event of a Mass Casualty Incident (MCI), where multiple victims are injured and require varying degrees of medical attention, it is absolutely imperative that first responders have a quick, easy, and reliable method of assessing victims and assigning them with an appropriate triage or priority status, based on the severity of their injuries. The MT-137 Triage Tag has been tested and proven over 30 years to provide this method.
The Original MT-137 Medical Emergency Triage Tag is constructed of a high-density water resistant synthetic paper, and is printed using a special thermal printing process, allowing use in the harshest and most demanding field situations. Additionally, each Medical Emergency Triage Tag is equipped with a 30-inch elastic band, which is used for attaching the tag to the victim's body, usually around the neck or to an available limb.

Each MT-137 is coded with a unique sequential barcode serial number, which aids in the identification and tracking of victims and their belongings through the various phases of the triage and treatment processes, both in the field, as well as into the receiving hospital emergency care facilities. These unique serial numbers are conveniently located on both the top right and top left diagonal tear-offs, as well as on the lower color coded tear-offs.
By utilizing standard graphic symbols and a four-color tear-off triaging system, the Standard Medical Emergency Field Triage tag (MT-137) is truly a universal tool, in that it presents no language or literacy barriers, and can be used in the field by anyone, of any nationality, with minimal training or hands-on experience. A policy of using METTAG products in day-to-day emergencies will automatically establish familiarity and provide faster and more effective victim triaging in the event of an actual MCI or other emergency.

    Recognized as standard
    Water & tear resistant
    No language barriers

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